What Is Real Estate Farming - VLOG 008

Every real estate agent dreams of selling multi-million dollar homes somewhere on this great big green planet. While it would be amazing to start your career out like this, it is going to take a lot of grit, hard work, and relationship building to get there. One surefire way to get your name out there and work on building quality trustworthy relationships is through what we call in the real estate industry, Farming, or Doorknocking. Today's VLOG is all about, What Is Real Estate Farming.

What Is Real Estate Farming?

When someone mentions farming in regards to real estate they're referring to, Doorknocking. This is when a realtor goes knocking on the doors of homes in a community that they would like to be remembered in. There're a few key things that one needs to think about when Farming and they're as follows.

  1. Pick 150 - 300 homes and contact them via doorknocking, leaving a postcard or flyer at their door, or mailings.

  2. You should make it a priority to contact these same 150 - 300 homes monthly, 1 to 2 times per month. This will help the homeowners in this area get to know you and remember you as an agent.

  3. You'd ideally pick a neighborhood that is located in your service area. This gives you knowledge of what the residences in the neighborhood prefer when it comes to something like Doorknocking (be sure to watch the video above as I go deeper into this).

  4. Be of Service! When doorknocking, provide your neighborhood with valuable information about the housing market in their area. Remember that you're the expert here. Always be sure to provide value to your potential clients.

Doorknocking During COVID-19

It is imperative that our clients and neighbors know that we as professionals are doing all that with can to follow state and national guidelines when it comes to working with the public. With this in mind, if leaving flyers or other keepsakes at a neighbors door when Farming it is important that you do the following to ensure the safety of yourself and the residences in the areas you're canvassing.

  1. Wear a mask and gloves. This is not debatable. No matter if you agree that these will protect you and others or not, we're professional and we have to answer not only to the state and national board of realtors but also to our current and future clients. Wearing gloves and a mask is a simple and effective way to show clients and neighbors that you care about their wellbeing.

  2. On the marketing items that you leave, make sure that it is printed on it that you wore a mask and gloves when leaving the items at someone's door. This way when they pick it up the knowledge that you were thinking of their safety. *See my example below.

  3. Note on the marketing materials that you have been respecting social distancing protocols and that you have not been in contact (to your knowledge) with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

These are simple yet highly effective ways that we can show the general public that we can be trusted and that we're true professionals in the industry.

Example of the front of my marking material.

Here you can see how I make sure to let residence know I took precautions.

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0:00 - Intro

1:36 - Intro To Farming

2:03 - Door Knocking

2:46 - How I Use Nextdoor.com For My Business Pt. 1

4:35 - Postcards I Used For Farming

5:48 - COVID Disclaimer On My Material

8:20 - How I Use Nextdoor.com For My Business Pt. 2

8:55 - Call To Action For Realtors

9:53 - Bonus Material!

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