Vlog 006 - Never Do A FSBO!

Updated: Jul 24

Most every seller at some point has thought about it before. It seems so simple, right? Why not save the money right? Well, I am here to tell you to Never Do A FSBO (For Sale By Owner)! It'll end up costing you both time and money. If you're planning to sell your home do yourself and your family a favor and hire a Realtor. This will ensure you the most success in finding a top buyer all the while letting you sit back and relax as your real estate agent does all the manual work.

Marketing: A Realtor Spend Time and Money To Market Your Home

Marketing your home is costly. One of the first things that a great Realtor will do is provide you with a marketing plan. This is something that you'll typically be presented with during your Listing Presentation. One feature that teams like Kevin Gerdes Real Estate and The Gerdes Team will provide to our clients beyond local ads, postal mailings, an aggressive social media push, and other typical marketing features are high-quality video property tours our your home.

My time as an actor and working on various sets gave me the experience I needed to learn how to tell a story through the medium of video. This is fundamental in creating a marketing video for your home, as we want to help potential viewers see themselves living in your home. When listing your home on your own as a FSBO you are forced to do all of this on your own; while showing up to the rest of your life.

Paperwork: Understanding What You're Signing Is Important. A Realtor Helps You With This

Beyond the marketing and showing of your home is the second act - the closing process. From the time an offer is presented to you, you as a seller are responsible for all the terms of your agreement. Understanding that agreement is important to ensure that you don't end up in court once things are said and done.

Everything from the initial offer from the buyer to the closing documents is extremely thorough. It is filled with legal jargon that if you don't have a Realtor beside you to ensure you know what is happening can trip you up. It's important that you have someone at your side who is looking out for you. As a Realtor, it is my responsibility to ensure that my client's best interests are protected first, at all times.

Networking: Realtors Network To Get Your Home Sold!

Networking is a major part of a Realtors' job. Going out to networking events to get to know other Brokers, Realtors, and Buyers and Sellers is a time-consuming part of the job, but it is necessary. As a FSBO managing work, children (if you have them), and other life responsibilities is difficult enough, adding in searching for potential buyers - you have to ask yourself if you have the time and energy to do that! Working with an agent who has a network already and is always growing that to which they can directly market your home to, is the best way to make process on selling your home, fast!

Bonus - For The Renters

Did you know that as a renter you can still utilize the skills and tools of a Realtor? Often times when a property manager is looking to list your single-family home a guest home that is a setup from your standard rental they will do so through a Realtor. The Realtor then handles the process of finding a qualified renter for the landlord.

The best part about this is that the potential renter doesn't pay anything to the Realtor. All the commissions to the Realtor are paid directly by the property owner! So next time you're looking to rent in Los Angeles be sure you seek out quality rentals and do that through a Realtor!


0:00 - Intro

1:50 - Marketing: A Realtor Spend Time and Money To Market Your Home

5:18 - Paperwork: Understanding What You're Signing Is Important. A Realtor Helps You With This

10:32 - Networking: Realtors Network To Get Your Home Sold!

11:39 - Bonus - For The Renters