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Small-Town Burbank

Burbank, CA – Nestled in the northwest side of The Valley is the small, yet bustling town of Burbank. When you arrive, you immediately feel the sense of community and pride its residents have it in. Driving down Magnolia or Burbank Blvd’s you’re quickly greeted with mom and pa’ shops off all sorts. The residents here have upheld their commitment to maintaining a community that supports its neighbors and small-business owners, and it shows. As you continue your drive through West Burbank, you’ll be greeted by its divider, The 5 freeway. A quick cross over the over-pass and you’ll be delighted to see, thriving Downtown Burbank. Filled with three AMC movie theatres, a large mall (The Burbank Towncenter), various restaurants and bars, and downtown streets with plenty of window shopping delights, Downtown Burbank is always a great night out on the town.


Spanning more than half of Burbank is the Chandler Bike Path. Here you’ll, without doubt, find citizens both young and old running, rollerblading, biking, or simply walking you their dog along the path. The path is perfectly suited in this town helping to enhance its charm and sense of belonging.


While Burbank has it’s small-town roots, it is also a media hub. Due to its proximity to the rest of Los Angeles county, it boasts one of the largest movie studios in all of Los Angeles, Warner Brothers (WB). As a result many in the entertainment industry find themselves relocating to Burbank to be closer to their work. In addition to the WB, you’ll find post-production studios throughout the town. And if WB isn’t enough, you’ll be delighted to know that Disney Studio can also be found centrally located in Burbank. Fun fact: Walt Disney’s original office is still located there (available to view on their tours).

Living in Burbank is sure to boost your feelings of community and pride in homeownership. It’s as though the sun is always shining in Burbank. With neighbors who’re there to support you in your times of need to local coffee shops doing what they can to bring culture and vibrance to the neighborhood, what more is there to ask of this not so small, small town; Burbank, CA.

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