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I have lived in Los Angeles for just about 11-years. Initially, I am from Maryland, so I've got that east coast grit yet a pinch of southern hospitality - I think it makes an excellent mix for being in the Real Estate industry. I was first licensed in Maryland when I was only 18-years old and did more transactions in my first year than anyone ever expected. I have a fire about me that refuses to dim, that's carried me through life.


My family has been in the Real Estate industry for decades with my mother owning a mortgage company back home during my teen years to my brother, one of the top 3 realtors in Maryland, in only three years of having his license. I share this to show the level of years I have around the industry and the sense of dedication I have to work.


Before being licensed here in CA, I was an Estate Manager of multimillion-dollar estates for a few of the most well-known movie producers in the film industry. One in the Hollywood Hills (West Hollywood) and one in Beverly Hills along Doheny. The experiences taught me the level of professionalism and elegance that is required when existing in these spaces.


While I brand myself as Kevin Gerdes Real Estate, I partner with the brokerage, First Class Real Estate, out of Burbank. While we're a local Burbank office, my history of living in Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Hollywood, West Hollywood, and Santa Monica has given me a real sense of all of what Los Angeles has to offer.


Once again, congratulate you on stepping back into the real estate market, or if it's your first time, welcome! I look forward to getting to know you better.


Please feel welcomed to call, text message, or email me anytime 24/7.

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